We have populated this Blog initially with articles written as “Points to Ponder” and published as “My Turns” in the Juneau Empire.  We know that we have many members who are good writers and have useful things to say about “How to Make Democracy Work” – especially in this time of change.

If you are interested in writing something meaty and topical on a regular – or irregular – basis we want to hear from you.  We plan on adding new posts at least weekly, so we need a stable of writers who will commit to writing on an agreed on schedule. Those approved as blog contributors will be trained on:

  • How to log in to the website and write posts
  • Criteria for choosing posting topics
  • Simple style and length guidelines
  • Using categories and tags
  • Using images in posts
  • How to get your posts published

Please call our President, carolyn Brown, at 364-2726 to volunteer as a LWV Blogger.