Voter Services

A primary mission of the LWV is to improve public participation in the voting process.  This includes:

  • advocating for fair electoral processes,
  • encouraging eligible residents to register,
  • educating voters about what will be on each ballot,
  • making sure voting is easily accessible to all citizens,
  • ensuring all registered voters have the opportunity to vote in each election,
  • explaining the relevant election schedule, and
  • publicizing information about state and local election laws.

This website section provides information and links to information about voting and elections that applies to residents of Juneau. The Alaska Division of Elections and the CBJ Municipal Clerk websites provide detailed information on all aspects of state and local elections.

In addition, our community collaborative project, Juneau Votes, keeps the community informed through print, electronic, and social media activities. Juneau Votes is a non-partisan collaborative community project whose goal is to increase voter registration, voter education, and voter turnout. The project was initiated in the spring of 2014, after concerns about falling voting participation were raised in conversations among League members and staff at the CBJ Library. Juneau Votes seeks to pool the resources of non-partisan civic and media organizations and, through them, to reach all Juneau residents with voting information and encouragement. The project’s online presence is found on Facebook where a current list of collaborating organizations is maintained. Like Juneau Votes! on Facebook

Our elections are governed by federal, state, and municipal law. Each state has its own election laws, subject to some federal requirements. For details see Alaska Election Laws. The City defines its municipal election procedures in the Code of Ordinances Chapter 29.

For information about, and opportunities for, civic engagement visit our Citizenship page

From time to time the League studies certain aspects of election laws, processes and procedures. After such studies, a policy position is adopted and then becomes an advocacy issue. Visit our Advocacy section for more information. For details about current advocacy opportunities, please Bookmark our Blog and “Like” our Facebook page.  Members are notified by email of opportunities to advocate for LWV positions, or to study issues prior to adoption of positions.