Newsletter Vol 2 Issue 5

Mid-session blues… No news from the Governor yet on the fate of SB140.  Gov. Dunleavy has until March 14th to either sign, or veto, or let the bill stand without his signature. Even if he lets the bill stand, he still has the power to line item veto any funding that would be included in [...]

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Newsletter Vol 2 Issue 4

Education Compromise House News: During the last two weeks in the House of Representatives, the sessions have centered around SB 140 - Internet for Schools. The House Rules committee modified it to include a number of provisions including changes to charter schools, correspondence schools, the Base Student Allocation (BSA), and others. Most of you are [...]

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Newsletter Vol 2 Issue 3

It’s a Leap Year! At this time of year, it always seems like things are moving ever so slowly. Sure, there are a lot of committee meetings, and bills assigned. But there aren’t many decisions being made. The big items we’re watching in February remain election processes, gun safety and education. For anyone who is [...]

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Newsletter Vol 2 Issue 2

Repeal Ranked Choice Voting moves forward As the session gets moving, more of the bills are lined up for hearings. You can go to and find out the current status of bills, listen to audio from the meetings and much more. We’ll try to keep you informed as well with action alerts as the session [...]

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Newsletter Vol 2 Issue 1

 The 2024 Legislative Session begins! As the 2024 Legislative session kicks off, we begin by welcoming in an election year.  All of the House of Representative members are up for election, as well as half of the Senators. We'll be watching all of the activities unfold this session, and will be sending out this newsletter [...]

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