Popular Vote 3

Changing the use of the Electoral Vote (EV) in order to give a more representative nod to the total popular vote (PV) would not be easy. Awarding electoral votes (EV’s) based on a proportion of the popular vote (PV) in each state is a possibility for a more accurate representation.  There are two methods by [...]

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Popular Vote 2

In the blog Popular Vote 1, three questions were proposed, and the attempt to answer those questions can be found in the following blog. ONE:  Why do we have the Electoral College rather than a popular vote determining the winners of the Presidential elections?  The writers of the Constitution struggled with the problem of electing [...]

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Popular Vote 1

In the aftermath of the 2016 election, much talk has occurred on social media and elsewhere about the popular vote.  The discussion has revolved around the fact that the losing candidate won the popular vote by more than 2.8 million votes.  How, people ask, can a candidate win that many more votes and still lose [...]

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Elections and Ballots – The Fundamentals of American Democracy

Three ideas are fundamental to the workings of a democracy: The open and unrestricted access to a secret ballot by all adults. A ballot secured by competent administration from accidental or purposeful disclosure of a voter’s ballot choices. The use of a paper balloting system that assures the auditing and accurate hand counting of voting [...]

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