League of Women Voters National Convention–June 23-26, 2022 in Denver and online.

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**  What’s Up? **

The Alaska State Legislature is in session for 2022.  Stay tuned for more information.  

Here’s what happened in 2021 (Capitol Currents). 

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Democracy 2020

LWV Statement on the 2020 Presidential Election Results


Why Should I Vote?

According to a recent study, these are the top reasons people don’t vote (and some reasons to help change their minds): 

  • Don’t like the candidates
    • Nobody is perfect, and […]

Voting 2020: General Election Ballot Initiative 1

Alaska Ballot Measure 1, North Slope Oil Production Tax Increase Initiative (2020)

An Act changing the oil and gas production tax for certain fields, units, and nonunitized […]


Voting 2020: Alaska Ballot Measure 2

Alaska Ballot Measure 2, Top-Four Ranked-Choice Voting and Campaign Finance Laws Initiative (2020)

Note:  The League of Women Voters of Alaska is supporting this Ballot […]


Voting 2020: 3 Steps to take to ensure your voice is heard!

1.  Register

Check your registration and address
In 2016, Alaska voters approved a law which automatically registers or updates voter registration information using the information from the Permanent […]


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Our Work

Voter Registration

We register voters at community events such as festivals, parades, malls, and other venues such as the local high schools and UAS. We work with the following collaborative partners to ensure that all citizens have the ability to vote:

Juneau Votes – Public Libraries – Juneau Empire – Tlingit-Haida – Radio – Civic Organizations – Schools

Voter Education

Voter Education is key to ensuring that democracy works for all of us.  There are many ways in which we work to ensure our citizens understand how our government works, and how to have their voices hear.  Some of the ways we do this are by:

Candidate Forums and Debates – Capitol Visits for 8th Graders – Classroom Teaching – Civics Quiz at Venues – “How to Run for Office” Workshop and many others.  

Voter Participation

There are many ways we help with voter participation.   We define and set local policy statements, advocate for these positions within the legislature and local government, and helping to enable citizen participation in local and state governments.

Working at polling places – Participating in Hand counts and verifications – Defining programs for local actions – and many others.

Let's Work Together!

This is a critical election year! Could you can find a few hours to help us "get out the vote?"
Let's help Juneau understand the issues, the candidates, the importance of voting, and the ways we can vote.

We need more people to help write articles, tweet, or post Facebook information. And, we hope to hold events, forums, and voter registrations by fall.

So, whether you just have an hour -- or more -- please get in touch with us. We'll work with YOUR schedule, interests and abilities to find ways we can work together.

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