The purpose of the League of Women Voters (LWV) is to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in government and to act on selected governmental issues.

We influence public policy through education and advocacy. We never support or oppose any political party or candidate.  We develop positions which support our mission.  Our major focus areas are:  Voter services, citizen education, advocacy and action!

We hope you find the information on this website useful, and (if you are not already an LWV member) will consider joining our organization. Note that our members are automatically members of the League of Women Voters of Alaska, and of the League of Women Voters of the United States (LWVUS). Maintaining an effectively functioning democracy is hard work at all levels of government and we can always use more help.


Our Holiday Auction is now complete!  We have winning bids:

  1.  Marisha Bourgeois won the Moose Print.
  2. Anne Fuller won the Walrus Print.
  3. Nadine Lefebvre won the Crab Print.
  4. Cindy Gaguine won the Raven Print.

We will be contacting the winners and arranging delivery.  Thanks to all who bid and who all contributed to the effort.  And a special thanks to Pat Race at Alaska Robotics!

The Juneau League of Women Voters is having a Silent Holiday Auction online! While you may be dreaming of snow, we’ve dreamed up a great offer with Alaska Robotics. The Juneau League has received a donation of four (4) 8 x 10 FIRST EDITION prints of Pat Race’s “I Voted” stickers just in time for the holidays. Each of the four highest bids* will take home one of these prints, and your donation will benefit the Education fund of the LWV Juneau. Send an email to  [email protected]  with the subject line “I VOTED” and include your name, the print you are bidding on, phone number, and bid amount.  We will be posting the current highest bid amount for each print on the League of Women Voters Facebook page and on our  www.juneaulwv.org website at the end of each day beginning on December 7th and ending on December 21st.  We must receive your winning bid  before 5 pm on December 21st.  If you are one of the lucky four, you’ll be getting a call from us, and we’ll deliver the print to you. The League of Women Voters Juneau is a 401(c)3 non-profit organization.
*Minimum bid: $25.00








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Latest Capitol Currents

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Keep up to date on the Legislature!!  Weeks 14 & 15 are  posted. ~ Marching very slowly towards Day 121 and beyond ~ Capitol Currents is a weekly update of happenings at the Alaska State Legislature [...]

Our Work

Voter Registration

We register voters at community events such as festivals, parades, malls, and other venues such as the local high schools and UAS. We work with the following collaborative partners to ensure that all citizens have the ability to vote:

Juneau Votes – Public Libraries – Juneau Empire – Tlingit-Haida – Radio – Civic Organizations – Schools

Voter Education

Voter Education is key to ensuring that democracy works for all of us.  There are many ways in which we work to ensure our citizens understand how our government works, and how to have their voices hear.  Some of the ways we do this are by:

Candidate Forums and Debates – Capitol Visits for 8th Graders – Classroom Teaching – Civics Quiz at Venues – “How to Run for Office” Workshop and many others.  

Voter Participation

There are many ways we help with voter participation.   We define and set local policy statements, advocate for these positions within the legislature and local government, and helping to enable citizen participation in local and state governments.

Working at polling places – Participating in Hand counts and verifications – Defining programs for local actions – and many others.