Civics and Citizenship

While a primary mission of the League is to increase and encourage voter participation, we strongly encourage civic engagement through study of government, public policy issues, and participation in the governmental process. This page features information and education on various aspects of civic involvement.


Here are some fun quizzes (with answers) to test your Civics Knowledge. We have several members who are naturalized citizens, and some permanent residents who are preparing to become naturalized citizens.

The Short US Citizen Quiz questions were selected from the list of 100 Questions for the Naturalization Test of the U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.


Once each year we collaborate with the City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ) Municipal Clerk’s Office and Public Libraries to offer a free workshop on how to run for municipal office – the Assembly and School Board. At the workshop, attendees learn what the jobs are like, the legal requirements for candidates and elected officials, how to campaign and more. Each attendee leaves with a Toolkit of forms, resources, references, and other relevant information.

To learn more and sign up to be notified of when the next Workshop will be held, go to our “How to Run for Local Office” page.


The City Borough of Juneau is one of only four unified home-rule boroughs (consolidated city/county functions) in the state of Alaska. As such it has a great deal of local control and autonomy. All who live here depend on engaged citizens being willing to step forward and serve on one or more of Juneau’s volunteer public bodies: Advisory Boards and Commissions; Appeals Boards; Enterprise/Special Boards, and Ad Hoc Committees.  In addition, the School Board relies on Parent-Teacher groups at each school and Site Councils to provide feedback and support.Volunteers on these bodies apply their skills and talents in finding positive ways to resolve problems in a particular policy area. Some of the appointed positions require a significant commitment of time and energy, while others require much less. Volunteers willing to carry the load when incumbents need to take a break are always needed. Serving on any of these bodies is always a learning experience and those who do come away with a greater understanding of public issues and each other.

As everyone who has been there will tell you, there is nothing more rewarding than public service. Knowing how your government works, and helping to make it work better, is satisfying work indeed.

Learn more about Juneau’s volunteer Boards and Committees, and how to apply for appointment to one of these by this link to the Municipal Clerk’s Office.  Or call (907) 586-5278 for more information.


The Alaska Municipal League has prepared the Alaska Local Government Primer for legislators explaining the forms and functions of local government in our state.   This document explains the different types of local governments in the state, their powers and limitations. Understand Juneau’s government better by learning its context within the framework of Alaska municipal governance.  Also, the City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ) website provides a massive amount of information about our municipality.


The Governor’s Office is the doorway to the Executive Branch and all its agencies. The Legislative Affairs Agency provides a great deal of information for the public about how the legislative branch of state government functions. Also available for download is a very informative Citizen’s Guide to the Alaska Constitution.


Transparency of government is much easier in the Internet age. Almost any fact or statistic can now be done by simply “Googling” a question. Rather than summarizing relevant government information on our LWV website, we provide quick links to the main federal government websites where you can find current information.