What to Know: Week 1

As the 2024 Legislative session kicks off, we begin by welcoming in an election year.  All of the House of Representative members are up for election, as well as half of the Senators. Here's how things are lining up right now. We expect a lively session, so check back often to see what we're watching. [...]

2024-01-16T11:54:06-09:002024, Alaska|

Governor’s Budget – Highlights

In December, Governor Dunleavy released his budget for the second session of the 33rd Legislature.   Recap of the process The Governor submits a budget.  The Legislature reviews it, then adds, changes and/or deletes parts of it. There is, of course, politics involved; if the party in charge of both houses of the Legislature is [...]

2024-01-14T17:00:16-09:002024, Alaska|
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