2017 Action Alert #11

Here is where we are with the Legislature as time runs out: HB 184: The companion bill for SB 72, antidiscrimination. This is being heard in House State Affairs on Thursday, May 3,3 pm, Rm 120. The bill can be found here: <http://www.akleg.gov/basis/Bill/Text/30?Hsid=HB0184A> Public testimony is not yet scheduled. The bill is being introduced in its [...]

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2017 Action Alert #10

I am sending this out because it is most likely the most  important issue that faces citizens of this state at the current time.  The information box below from Great Alaska Schools is well done and explains clearly where the budget is at.  We need to make our voices heard.  The House has completed a major [...]

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2017 Action Alert #8a

If you have been hesitant to email your elected state officials, here is a chance to jump in and get your feet wet.  And remember that once you contact them by email, their email addresses are in your email list and contacting them again will be much easier. You might want to gather together some friends [...]

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2017 Action Alert #9

Here is the current status. The Legislature is busy. HB 44: Ethics Bill dealing with conflicts of interest. The bill passed the House and has been transmitted to the Senate. Keep tuned. HB 31: Processing sexual assault kits: The bill passed the House and has been transmitted to the Senate. Keep tuned. HB 111: Oil Tax Credits: Passed [...]

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2017 Action Alert #8

Here is the status of the bills we have been following plus one we might want to follow should there ever be a hearing. A. SB 72--The following language would be added to the list of protected classes in state ant-discrimination statute: "sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression." You can send an email of support to [email protected] and [...]

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NPV Arguments and Rebuttals

Arguments and statements against the National Popular Vote (NPV) Compact include the following, with the LWV's rebuttal written by the LWVAK Advocacy Chair, Judy Andree: 1. "But your votes do count under the current method." This is not fully true given that the Presidential election is a national election and all votes should count at [...]

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2017 Action Alert #7

Last week Advocacy Chair, Judy Andree, attended public testimony on HB 175, National Popular Vote Compact.  She followed up with a second letter from LWVAK in response to some of the testimony that opposed the bill with incorrect information.  The letter focused on the history of the League's involvement with the National Popular Vote as [...]

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2017 Action Alert #6

SB 72: DISCRIMINATION: GENDER ID.;SEXUAL ORIENTATION. Sponsor: Senator Gardner "An Act adding to the powers and duties of the State Commission for Human Rights; and relating to and prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity or expression." There are no current hearings scheduled. The bill was referred to HSS, JUD, and FIN and currently [...]

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2017 Action Alert #4

NOTE: AN EMAIL NEEDS TO BE ONLY 2-3 SENTENCES LONG (UNLESS YOU HAVE MORE TO SAY).  BUT THOSE 2-3 SENTENCES ARE IMPORTANT BECAUSE THEY SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR A BILL OR CERTAIN ASPECTS OF A BILL.  SO LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD! Great Alaska Schools Rejuvenation Meeting - Saturday, March 11  10:00-11:30 Mendenhall Valley Library Conference Room. Great Alaska Schools was [...]

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2017 Action Alert #3

To all LWV of Alaska members - please make your voices heard. 1. HB 25--Support emails are needed for HB 25--INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR CONTRACEPTIVES. Sponsor Representative Claman, Representative Spohnholz. The text of the bill can be found here: http://www.legis.state.ak.us/PDF/30/Bills/HB0025A.PDF. HB 25 is a mirror bill to one submitted last session by Senator Gardner. It will provide [...]

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Capitol Currents

Keep up to date on the Legislature!!  Week 13 is posted now.  Latest versions are now at the top. Capitol Currents is a weekly update of happenings at the Alaska State Legislature during session.   Each week, this article will be updated with the latest edition for you to read and download.  There is a [...]

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Action Alert #2/2017

A. BUDGET: Probably the biggest issue facing the Legislature is the state financial crisis. The HOUSE FINANCE COMMITTEE has submitted a bill calling for an income tax and a refiguring of the Permanent Fund which would save the dividend and allow for budget spending of some of the earnings while placing some of those earning [...]

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Popular Vote 3

Changing the use of the Electoral Vote (EV) in order to give a more representative nod to the total popular vote (PV) would not be easy. Awarding electoral votes (EV’s) based on a proportion of the popular vote (PV) in each state is a possibility for a more accurate representation.  There are two methods by [...]

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