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2017 Action Alert #3

To all LWV of Alaska members – please make your voices heard.

1. HB 25–Support emails are needed for HB 25–INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR CONTRACEPTIVES. Sponsor Representative Claman, Representative Spohnholz. The text of the bill can be found here: http://www.legis.state.ak.us/PDF/30/Bills/HB0025A.PDF.
HB 25 is a mirror bill to one submitted last session by Senator Gardner. It will provide 12-month coverage/refills for birth control and related treatment. The first hearing is to be held on Tuesday, Feb. 28th at 3 pm in the House […]

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Capitol Currents

Keep up to date on the Legislature!!  Week 13 is posted now.  Latest versions are now at the top.

Capitol Currents is a weekly update of happenings at the Alaska State Legislature during session.   Each week, this article will be updated with the latest edition for you to read and download.  There is a lot of great information in these editions, everything from the list of names of our new legislators, important links to find more information, lots and lots […]

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Action Alert #2/2017

A. BUDGET: Probably the biggest issue facing the Legislature is the state financial crisis. The HOUSE FINANCE COMMITTEE has submitted a bill calling for an income tax and a refiguring of the Permanent Fund which would save the dividend and allow for budget spending of some of the earnings while placing some of those earning back into the principle so that […]

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Popular Vote 3

Changing the use of the Electoral Vote (EV) in order to give a more representative nod to the total popular vote (PV) would not be easy. Awarding electoral votes (EV’s) based on a proportion of the popular vote (PV) in each state is a possibility for a more accurate representation.  There are two methods by which the use of the EV could be overridden completely: amending the U. S. Constitution or adopting the National Popular Vote (NPV) compact.  There are […]

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Anxiety–January 30, 2017

Author: Barbara Belknap

There is a lot of angst out there over the election. My Facebook page is overflowing with comments, suggestions, and the sharing of emotions from American women. There is commiseration from my friends in the United Kingdom, and I even got a note from Africa.

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