NPV Arguments and Rebuttals

Arguments and statements against the National Popular Vote (NPV) Compact include the following, with the LWV's rebuttal written by the LWVAK Advocacy Chair, Judy Andree: 1. "But your votes do count under the current method." This is not fully true given that the Presidential election is a national election and all votes should count at [...]

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2017 Action Alert #7

Last week Advocacy Chair, Judy Andree, attended public testimony on HB 175, National Popular Vote Compact.  She followed up with a second letter from LWVAK in response to some of the testimony that opposed the bill with incorrect information.  The letter focused on the history of the League's involvement with the National Popular Vote as [...]

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2017 Action Alert #6

SB 72: DISCRIMINATION: GENDER ID.;SEXUAL ORIENTATION. Sponsor: Senator Gardner "An Act adding to the powers and duties of the State Commission for Human Rights; and relating to and prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity or expression." There are no current hearings scheduled. The bill was referred to HSS, JUD, and FIN and currently [...]

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2017 Action Alert #5

HB 44 (Ethics), HB 25 (insurance coverage for contraceptives, HB 115 (budget fix with income tax, PF restructuring)--No further hearings scheduled as of yet.  HB 31, sexual assault kit handling & database, has been advanced to House Finance. Two bills that concern money for school funding  might be of interest and worth watching, particularly if nothing [...]

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2017 Action Alert #4

NOTE: AN EMAIL NEEDS TO BE ONLY 2-3 SENTENCES LONG (UNLESS YOU HAVE MORE TO SAY).  BUT THOSE 2-3 SENTENCES ARE IMPORTANT BECAUSE THEY SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR A BILL OR CERTAIN ASPECTS OF A BILL.  SO LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD! Great Alaska Schools Rejuvenation Meeting - Saturday, March 11  10:00-11:30 Mendenhall Valley Library Conference Room. Great Alaska Schools was [...]

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